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Position requires extensive knowledge in the field of quality assurance as applied in the ship repair industry. Background should include course work in quality. Incumbent must have a record of successfully responding to the demands of department-wide administration as well as organizing, staffing and directing sound and balanced technical programs for achieving high quality in the work performed. Should be a Non-Destructive Testing (N.D.T.) level III instructor which includes visual and dimensional inspection (V.T.), magnetic particle inspection (M.T.) and liquid penetrant inspection (P.T.). Should possess developed interpersonal skills since resolving conflict situations, gaining cooperation from others and persuading others to action are all difficult to achieve in this position. Complex technical information and ideas must be communicated clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

1. Through subordinate inspection personnel oversees and manages all quality assurance work done by the company so that quality tests and inspections are conducted and documented on a timely basis, in an effective manner, and in accordance with plans and budgets. Coordinates the submission of required Process Control Procedures to SupShip for review and acceptance. Takes appropriate actions to eliminate conflicts and disruptions in departmental and interdepartmental activities related to quality assurance. Ensures that all defects uncovered by subordinate personnel, Naval inspectors, SupShip inspectors, regulatory inspectors, and others are corrected in an expedient manner.

2. Plans, develops, and implements all phases of the quality assurance program for ship repair projects. Defines the overall strategy and administrative systems necessary to meet the quality assurance requirements of all the company's various repair contracts and provides a full program of vendor, subcontractor, receiving (including Government funded material), installation, operation inspections; nondestructive tests and analyses; welder qualification certification and maintenance of qualifications; and equipment calibration.

3. Continuously monitors and evaluates production work, material handling, and other company activities to prevent or obtain early correction of procedures or practices which may adversely effect final product quality.

4. Confers with subordinate supervisors and employees on grievances and conflicts. Initiates or approves all selection, transfer, promotion, evaluation, and termination of personnel within the department.

5. Ensures that subordinate staff is continually developed and trained. Designs and implements internal training programs. Monitors seminars, courses, and workshops from outside sources and arranges for subordinates to attend where applicable.

6. Prepares operating budget, short-term objectives, and long-range goals for department and submits them to top management for guidance and approval.

7. Meets with SupShip and other industry quality assurance leaders and top management to explain and interpret quality assurance testing programs and problems and to help resolve major quality assurance issues associated with ship repair projects.

8. Keeps abreast of changes and new developments in the field of quality assurance within the marine industry and integrates them into the company's operations as appropriate.