Annual Representations and Certifications

“Supplier Annual Representations and Certifications”.

Certificate of Completion- Invoices will not be paid without a fully completed Certificate Of Completion Form attached to each invoice. This is applicable to ALL subcontracts.

“Certificate of Completion”.

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“Purchase Order Terms & Conditions, Rev October 24, 2011”.

“Purchase Order Terms & Conditions, Rev October 1, 2013”.

“Purchase Order Terms & Conditions, Rev June 7, 2014”.

“Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions, Rev April 2015”.

“Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions, Rev November 2015”.

“Pacship_PO General Terms & Conditions, Rev Aug 2016”.

“Pacship_PO General Terms & Conditions, Rev Feb 2017”.

Special Terms and ConditionsBack To Top

“Special T's & C's applicable to Puget Sound Operations_Rev. October 1, 2013”.

“Special T's & C's applicable to GD NASSCO Prime Contract for CVN's in Puget Sound”.

“Special T's & C's applicable to work under BAE San Diego Prime Contracts_Rev April 2015”.

“Special T's & C's _ N32253-13-D-0004_Pearl Harbor_PHNS & IMF MAC”.

“Special T's & C's _ N40443-13-D-0062_Pearl Harbor_MSC MAC”.

“Special T's & C's_HSG85-11-D-P45J55_Pearl Harbor_HSCG MAC”.

“Special Terms_NASSCO_Onsite-Supplemental-031014”.

“Special T's & C's _under NASSCO LHA-LHD_N00024-13-C-4404”.

“Special T's & C's _under NASSCO LSD 41 -49_N00024-08-C-4410”.

“Special T's & C's_under MSC N62387-15-D-7507_San Diego and Bremerton”.

“Special T's & C's_N00406-11-D-1255_FISC Puget Sound MAC”.

“Special T's & C's _ HSCG85-11-D-P45K63 Puget Sound MAC”.

“Special T's & C's_N55236-12-D-0019 - SWRMC Submarines_San Diego”.

“Special T's & C's applicable to HII_NNS CVN_ N00024-13-C-4315”.

“Special T's & C's _ applicable to NASSCO IDIQ MAC for CG-DDG _ N00024-16-D-4418”.

“Special T's & C's_N55236-17-D-0014 San Diego Non-Complex IDIQ-MAC”.

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